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Violinists work on excerpts in 2017

Camp Testimonials

“The most helpful thing I learned was how to figure out ways to make practice interesting and effective.  The camp teaches you how to approach practice from a different perspective and how to make the most out of your audition preparation.” –Travis Baylor

“The teachers got in depth with etudes and excerpts as well as giving us practice tips.  They are very nice, helpful, and experienced (they also have snacks).  They are fun and really help you improve with practice, auditions in general, and much more.” -Anonymous

“Even though I was not as fluent in playing the pieces, this camp helped me learn new ways to practice each section and really was a great fit for each student, adjusting the schedule of the day based on what we needed.” -Anonymous

“The help from professional musicians beats any practice you could have at home and you will learn stuff beyond the all state music that helps make you a better musician.” –Jacob Kauffman

“The most helpful thing was the patience that the teachers had.   Another thing was that they gave us more than one option for fingering.” -Anonymous


“The faculty went really in depth with all of the details in the music.” -Anonymous

“I would recommend that people attend this camp next year because it’s a good kickstarter before you begin school.  If you haven’t done much during the summer, this is a good way to start learning and being nit-picky about the music.” -Anonymous

“I would recommend this camp because I learned a lot from the first day all the way through to the last day and I got to fix a lot of the mistakes I was making.” -Anonymous

“The most helpful thing about camp was working on phrasing for the etudes and getting good fingerings for the excerpts.” -Anonymous

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