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Create your own practice challenge

March-May 2022

This is your chance to create the challenge that YOU want and need. Pick the goal you want to achieve, and let’s make it happen!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

___ days of practice in a row

___ days of sightreading or ___ total sightreading lessons before our May recital

___ days of listening to your Suzuki CD or ___ hours of listening

___ days of reviewing your previous Suzuki songs or ___ songs reviewed before recital

___ days of practicing scales

___ days of bow exercises

___ total bow circles

The sky’s the limit! Want to accomplish your goal before our next recital? There are 63 days between our March 26 and May 28 recitals.

Your goals can stay private between you and me, but when you reach a milestone you’d like to celebrate, you may choose to let me take a picture and post it on the wall of fame for others in the studio to celebrate with you.

100 days of practice in a row will always receive a trophy as a prize at our next recital, no matter when you start.

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