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November 6, 2021
9:30 am Hope Violin Recital
Pavilion, University Baptist Church

Gavotte in G minor  (Bach)  Sarah Scott

Twinkle Theme  (Traditional) Donna Hope

Rhythm on E and A  (Kerstin Wartberg) Wyatt Ledbetter

Up Like a Rocket  (Unknown) Peyton Ryder

Bouree  (Bach)  Ellie Correia

Gavotte (Lully) Lydia Hope

Concertino, III  (Perlman)  Oliver Remy

Hunter’s Chorus (von Weber)  Dylan Alexander

Allegro  (S. Suzuki)  Landyn Alexander

Etude (S. Suzuki)  Brayden Alexander

Sarabande (Bohm) Evan Phan

Song of the Wind duet (Folk Song)  Annaleise and Isabella Thomas

Concerto in A minor, I  (Vivaldi)  Anneli Kucera

O Come Little Children  (Folk Song)  Violet Washburn

Perpetual Motion  (S. Suzuki)  Isabella Thomas

Gavotte  (Martini)  Giovany Velázquez

Allegretto  (S. Suzuki)  Annaleise Thomas

Minuet  (Boccherini)  Gwyn Bolton

Andantino  (S. Suzuki)  Hayden Vu

Bouree  (Bach)  Kaitlyn Cullen, assisted by Sarah Cullen

Gavotte  (Lully)  Audrey Park, assisted by James Park

Scéne de Ballet  (de Bériot)  Hanna Nguyen

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