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March 26, 2022
10:00 am Hope Violin Studio
Non-Suzuki Recital

Pavilion, University Baptist Church

Melodie, from Orpheus and Euridice (Gluck/arr. Kreisler)- Toby Sommer (assisted by his mom, Tandy)

Liza Jane ((traditional/ arr. Katie Glassman)- Violet Washburn (assisted by her dad, Adrian)

Sarabande (Carl Bohm)- Anneli Kucera

Polish Dance (Edmund Severn)- Kassidy Nguyen

Macchu Picchu Mountain (Joanne Martin)- Wyatt Ledbetter

Honolulu Hula Dancer (Joanne Martin)- Peyton Ryder (assisted by Mrs. Hope)

Wintertime in Russia (Joanne Martin)- Annaleise and Isabella Thomas

Baby Shark (Pink Fong)- Donna Hope (assisted by her mom, Elisabeth)

Bohemian Folk Song (folk song)- Hayden Vu

Cantina Band, from Star Wars (John Williams)- Mary Cortez

Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme), from Star Wars (John Williams)- Christian Cortez

Bijou Minuet (Irma Seydel)- Evan Phan

Be Thou my Vision (“Slane,” Medieval hymn melody)- Isabella Thomas

Fiddle Faddle (Leroy Anderson)- Caleb Keown

Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen/arr. Lindsey Sterling)- Sarah Scott

Cotton-Eyed Joe (traditional/ arr. Katie Glassman)- Landyn Alexander

Boil the Cabbage (traditional/ arr. Sherry McKenzie)- Brayden Alexander

Pig Ankle Rag (traditional/ arr. Katie Glassman)- Dylan Alexander

Fly me to the Moon (Bart Howard)- Ellie Correia

Wizard Wheezes, from Harry Potter (Nicholas Hooper)- Lydia Hope

Lil’ Blue, from Kansas Memories Suite (Hannah M. Bartel)- Kaitlyn Cullen (assisted by her mom, Sarah)

Across the Stars, from Star Wars (John Williams)- Oliver Remy

Chocolate Drops, A Cake Walk, 1902 (Will Marion Cook/arr. Rachel Barton Pine)- Giovany Velazquez

The Black Rider, from Lord of the Rings (Howard Shore)- Jacob Jeffrey

Enemy (Imagine Dragons)- Audrey Park (assisted by her dad, James)

America the Beautiful (Ward/arr. Starr) Dylan Alexander and Oliver Remy

You’re Welcome, from Moana (Lin Manuel Miranda)- Andrew Keown

Vivace, from Canonic Sonata No. 1 (Georg Philipp Telemann)- Hailey Vu (assisted by Mrs. Hope)

Symphonie Espagnole, I (Edouard Lalo)- Micah Keown


Please join us after the recital for an ice cream reception in honor of Kaitlyn Cullen’s achievement of 1,000 consecutive days of practice!

See details for our next practice challenge here:

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