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Non-Suzuki recital details


Pavilion, University Baptist Church

16106 Middlebrook Dr, Houston, TX 77059

Saturday, March 26, 2022, 10 am-12 pm.  Arrive by 9:40 for tuning and setup
What should I wear? You got to pick your piece--now you get to choose how you're dressed as you present it!  Some ideas:

  • a costume or t-shirt that coordinates with your piece

  • your favorite outfit (casual is okay!)

  • your Hope Violin Studio t-shirt and jeans

  • whatever you'd like (as long as your parents approve!)

What should I bring?  your violin and bow, your music if needed, and seating for your family (camping chairs work great).  I'll bring the music stands and provide the ice cream and nondairy frozen treats in celebration of Kaitlyn's 1,000 days of consecutive practice!

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